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Try our white-label press release syndication service to promote and rank your clients

Increase your client’s rank and build authority with a press release for resellers

White Label Press Release Service

If you haven’t tapped into the power of the press release, you’re missing out. Using our exclusive press release service, for a one-time investment of $177 you’ll get…

  • Over 300 Links from Real, Authoritative News Sources*
  • Guaranteed Placement in Google News
  • We’ll even write the press release for you!

Seriously, it’s that easy. Just sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen.

*We will be using branded anchor text (your company name) and naked URL’s ( for these links, as we’ve found this is an extremely safe way to use a press release.
**Plan ahead and order in advance – the entire process of writing, submitting to Google News for approval, and syndication takes 2-4 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

May I provide my own text for the press release? Do you offer a discount if I write it myself?

Yes and yes! If you will be providing your own content for your press release and just need us to syndicate it, we’ll give you 20% off your press release. Simply enter the coupon code IWROTEIT at checkout, and submit the text to us so that we can begin the syndication process.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit the text and/or any embedded links as needed. We must meet strict requirements in order for the press release to be approved and syndicated. 

May I see an example press release?

Certainly! Click here to see examples of our work.

How Long does the process take?

Please allow up to four weeks after placing your order for the press release to be completed. This allows time for our writers to research your client’s business and industry, write a quality article, time for you and/or your client to approve the article, and for our partner sites to publish the syndicated article. (Please note that if there are delays in the approval process, this can further delay syndication. Once we send you the initial draft of your article, please review it at your earliest convenience.)

Can I choose any of the sites where I want my press release to appear?

Unfortunately no. We’ll do our best to include some websites that deal with either local (to your client) news, or your client’s specific niche, but we can’t guarantee placement on any specific sites.

Can I pick my own anchor text? Why can't I use keywords as anchor text?

Our syndication partners maintain strict requirements for press release submission, in order to guarantee that your press release gets published, is safe for your client’s rankings, and to maintain the high quality of our press release service.

For press releases, we can generally use “naked URL” (www. example site. com) or “branded” (ABC Company) anchor text. We are not permitted to use keyword anchor text, and doing so may have negative effects on your client’s search rankings.

How Long will the links from the press release stick around to benefit my client? How often should I consider ordering a press release?

The amount of time the links stay in place from a single press release can vary, as the links appear on real news sites that we don’t own or control. 

That said, we find that the majority of the SEO benefits generated by a press release last for around the first 3 months after syndication. Therefore, if you want to include press releases into your ongoing SEO strategy, we recommend ordering them on at least a quarterly basis. For best results, or for especially competitive niches, a monthly press release is a great addition to your SEO strategy.

Will you provide a white-label report that I can show my client?

Yes! After syndication, we’ll provide a report showing which websites have published your press release. If you received a report with the Underground Marketing logo and would prefer an unbranded version, simply contact us and we’ll completely white-label it for you.

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