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Harness the power of our private blog (PBN) network at your own pace, for an unbeatable price

White label PBN Links for resellers

Powerful PBN Link Rentals

Links from our private blog network are incredibly popular, because they’re incredibly powerful. Links are references from one webpage to another. When clicked, a link will take you to the target URL in your browser. From a search engine point-of-view, links are like votes. When you get a link from a personal blog, it’s like a vote for whichever page the link points to. Overall, the more relevant linking pages, the better.

White Label SEO Links

How it Works

Once you place an order, simply provide your target URL (a page on your client’s website) and the anchor text you’d like us to use, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our blog sites are hand built, our domains are aged to perfection, and our clients love the results.

At just $10 per link per month, our white label PBN links are a great addition to any SEO strategy. 


Why Choose Our premium PBN Link Rentals:

  • Guaranteed homepage links ensure the full power of our PBN sites gets passed along to your client
  • Guaranteed Minimum 15 Trust Flow
  • We only point a maximum of 5 outbound links per domain, to ensure the full strength of each link
  • Quarterly audits ensure your links stay powerful


Frequently Asked Questions

Anchor text strategy?

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Should I point the links to my client's homepage?

As an overall strategy, we recommend that you point %%% of your total links to the homepage, and %%% to relevant Service pages (typically the services that are highest priority to rank).

Please keep your total link profile in mind when supplementing with our link rentals.

What happens if your PBN sites lose power?

We have (hundreds of) PBN sites. Occasionally, one will become deindexed by Google, or will lose some of its power. We audit our PBNs quarterly in order to catch this as soon as possible. If you have a link on a site that we can no longer use, we will move the link onto another PBN site. If you notice that one of your links has lost its power, please notify us right away.


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Why must I pay monthly instead of one-time?

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What happens to my links if I cancel?

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Upon placing an order for link rentals, we will create a custom spreadsheet for you. You’ll have a link that you can use to view the updated spreadsheet at any time. This will show you all the details of your links, and you’ll be able to view them live.

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